3 Signs You Are Using Best Website to Buy a Used Car


The average age of an Indian who owns a car today has come down to 20s. This young generation of used car buyers are more confident and comfortable with online portals for their dealings. They prefer a website for used Volkswagen Vento in Bangalore against an authorized dealer. But how do you determine which is the best website to buy a used car?

Updated Information

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One of the most crucial things about websites is that they need to be regularly updated with the right kind of information for the buyers. Just like online e-commerce websites have an inventory management system in place in the backend that updates the availability of a product on real-time basis, the used car websites also need to be updated on real-time basis. The new cars that are being made available should appear on the top as new additions. The cars that are getting more attention should be highlighted. The ones that have been sold should be removed from the available cars list. As a buyer you don’t want to spend time on reviewing a car that got sold 5 months back.

Certified Cars

A lot of websites sell certified as well as uncertified cars. Such websites should use some sort of indication for the buyer to know if he is looking at a certified car or not. If the car is certified then the website should take responsibility for the inspection report. This means, they should be getting the car inspected at authorized workshops rather than asking the seller to get the inspection done.

Transparency in Financial Dealings

If the website is charging a commission from the buyer, then it should be mentioned clearly. Similarly the commission levied to the seller should also be communicated clearly to the seller.