5 Hidden Gems to Visit During Belgian Business Travel


Business has called you to Brussels, has it? Nice.  Some of the most creative minds in business are Belgian natives, so you’re in the right place for your next bit of manufacturing success.

If you’re taking a flight to Brussels, use a site like Expedia for ticket deals to keep your costs down. You can even save on hotel and car rental bundles, too.Remember, you haven’t struck that deal quite yet, and saving money is never a bad thing.

With all this extra money left over in the budget, you can take your clients out on adventures while talking business. So, to knock their socks off, we thought of a 6 hidden gems in Belgium that could make your business interactions a bit more human and undeniably memorable.

1 – Jardin du Coeur

All sorts of tourists view museums. Not all of them will instead go through the garden that wraps around the museum. Jardin du Coeur is French for “heart gardens.” This garden has been planted in the shape of labyrinths. The walls are made of heart-shaped plant displays.  Need a good place to wander and talk business? This is it.

Image result for Jardin du Coeur

2 – Dinant

Dinant is one of those rare cities that tips the scales of beauty through its architecture. Speaking of architecture, this little Belgian city is where renaissance architecture meets modern art, and that makes it the perfect place for the modern business deal.

Wander the streets of rustic renaissance town and talk business at a cafe, or catch a ride on a cross river ferry to chat comfortably with a scenic view.

No matter what you decide, Dinant is a wonder to behold and it’s suggestion alone could be the closer in this negotiation.

3 – Lier

Sometimes you know who you are going to see when you land, and taking an old business friend out for drink is more than appropriate.  That’s when you head for Lier.  This beautiful town is known for its breweries and 14th century architecture.

Lier is the perfect place to sit down and make a plan with your team.  Afterall, what better motivation than buildings that have stood for more than 600 years.

4 – Ypres

Ypres was once a bustling commerce district in the Middle Ages. Now it is history buff’s best friend.

Ypres is also known as Leper. It was the site of cruel tactics during the First World War conflicts. There is an infamous museum built to commemorate those who died and the events that happened there. The building is made up of Gothic arches cast in gray stone, and it’s hauntingly beautiful to look at.

Ypres is a historic battleground, but it’s stone cold demeanor could be a great source of courage to talk business.

5 – Durbury

The smallest town in Belgium, but could be the best place to strike the biggest deal. Durbury is the place to make even the biggest deals feel small by taking you in with its smallest town charm.

If you need to make someone feel at home while you are out on business, Durbury is treat. Think of it as your chance to get a home away from home feel when you need it the most.  Some business trips can last a few weeks, or months, so Durbury is the place to kick back and relax when you need it.

Now That You Know Where to Go

Flight is booked, the plan is set, and you’re ready to close the business deal in Belgium.  Gather your belongings, and make sure you pack at least two of everything you need if you can.

As Nate Robertson from Square Ship said, “Successful business travel is done by traveling light and maximizing the space in what you are already bringing.  Just make sure you don’t travel so light that you forget the essentials at home.”

Preparing for a business trip happens in many forms, so do what you can to prepare.

Where are your favorite business spots in Belgium?  What have you done to close your deals while traveling?  Share your stories in the comments below!