Anadrol – A Steroid Alternative in Prescription Form


Steroids are more often than not a contentious issue, both medically and pharmacologically. Prescribed in many medical requirements, steroids are also used by many as a means to improve their health, performance and general wellbeing. However, there is a fine line that needs to be walked here as steroid abuse does tend to happen fairly frequently. To help walk this fine line, a few anabolic steroid alternatives have been introduced into the market.

What is an Anabolic Steroid Alternative?

An anabolic steroid alternative is meant to do exactly what a steroid does. It carries out all the functions that are required and expected of it, while lessening the possibilities of side effects. They should be thought of more as a supplement which carry out the same functions. As stated above, Anadrol A50 is a steroid alternative for Anadrol, which is an androgenic steroid given out through prescriptions. Used in a 50mg dose per day, Anadrol A50 mimics the typical results achieved by the androgenic steroid over a continued period. You can have the steroids available at stores that operate in other countries also.

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What are the uses for Anadrol A50?

The main focus area for Anadrol A50 is in muscle growth, weight gain, mass gain and multiple other areas. It is especially effective in cases of body builders and athletes, who want to put on weight, grow body mass or develop muscle. Anadrol is especially effective in body building and is often considered one of the best supplements to take in order to put on muscle.

Other Uses

Anadrol A50 can often be prescribed to anemic patients, as this medication has shown effectiveness in treating symptoms and improving health conditions. It may also be used to treat underweight patients to help them gain a healthy weight.

Side Effects

This is one area for anabolic steroids which doesn’t seem to go off the limelight. While there are many good things about them, prolonged use can have some adverse side effects. It is necessary that Anadrol A50 or any other supplement for that matter be administered only after thorough consultations with a doctor or a qualified medical professional. Some of the side effects may include –

It can cause an excess of red blood cells in the body which might affect kidney functioning, resulting to damage or even kidney failure over prolonged usage. Prolonged usage or over dosage even in a short term can cause hyperplasia or damage to the cells of the liver causing permanent organ damage.Increased risk for atherosclerosis that may even result in an untimely heart attack.Women may develop more masculine features such as a deeper voice and body hair.Men may suffer from unintended painful erections known as priapism and other sexual dysfunction disorders.

What cycles are recommended for Anadrol A50?

Most athletes and especially bodybuilders will take multiple steroid supplements in addition to Anadrol A50. The other steroids to be taken also depend on the needs and the goals of the specific athlete. These may vary wildly but the general guidelines state that initially, Anadrol A50 may be used in a 50mg dose per day and then increased accordingly. However, it would be best to consult a doctor before increasing or changing dosage as that can have unforeseen impacts on your body. At the stores that operate in other countries you will be able to find Anadrol with medical prescriptions.