Become a designer of interior in room decorating games


It’s time to open all your hidden talents. Today you will become a true interior designer with room decorating games. To make the dream become a reality, you just need to work a little and to use your imagination. Manamonster collected a lot of great decorating games.Click here and find the games from the list and many more:

1. Build Puppy’s Dog House

You have a puppy in your house, and now you are completely at a loss for the new circumstances. The house that you built before the acquisition becomes small for it and the puppy urgently needs to expand its territory. With the help of improvised tools, try to build a new environment for your pet, but before you start building, you will be engaged in the construction of the drawing. Once the new house is a success, do not forget to decorate it and to make it very cozy.

2. Ice Queen Bathroom Deco

Elsa had planned to change the design of one of the bathrooms for guests for a long time. It has not been used for a long time, but it will soon be needed. Many guests come to her place, there will be a big reception and a grand ball in honor of the birthday of Princess Anne. You will help the queen to cope with the task and to start a general cleaning first. Whisk the web, wipe the glass, wipe the floor, place all the objects in their place. Then show your imagination and make a fashionable and cozy room.

3. Monster High: Dream Castle

Choose a monster with which you will build the castle for. Show your designer talent by choosing a castle project, the number of towers, color, ornaments. You can become the best builder in Monster High.

4. Barbie Rainbow Bedroom Decor

Barbie has a new room, which she wants to equip to your taste. She has imagined its interior for blond and she is ready to share her thoughts. For a few moments you will be shown the image of the finished room, try to memorize every detail and proceed to the layout. Choose items from the list and place them in the places that you remember. If you doubt somewhere, use a hint, it will show the entire room once again.