How to afford a kidney transplant


Kidneys are organs that help in the creation of urine. A healthy individual has two functional kidneys. However, with age or illness, your kidneys might malfunction sometimes. Decreased kidney function will lead to you retaining sodium in your body which will cause your hands and feet to swell up. There are various ways of dealing with kidney problems. You have deal with them through medicine, through surgery, through dialysis or through a transplant. A kidney transplant is a process of replacing your non-functional kidney with another kidney taken from a donor. Your old kidney is not taken out of your body. It is made defunct by your surgeon.

Crowdfunding is the process in which lots of people contribute small amounts of money to raise a huge amount of money. Sometimes the money is raised for a specific cause. Supporting someone who needs medical treatment is often one of those causes. Medical fundraising has become quite popular in the recent years mainly due to soaring medical costs in India as well as in many other countries. Kidney transplants can be crowdfunded and it is not a difficult thing to do, with a bit of dedication.

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Why are kidney transplants so expensive? Apart from the hospital charges and the expenses of hiring a surgeon experienced in doing kidney transplants, the surgery requires you to constantly undergo tests, get a donor and take medications – all of which are expensive. Waiting in line for the kidney of a dead donor can take ages. Sometimes there are donor matches with a patient’s own relatives.  A flourishing black market trade in kidneys has resulted in making available kidneys even scarcer.

Crowdfunding has helped plenty of people who need money for medical treatment. In order to crowdsource your medical treatment, all you need to do is set up a fundraiser and publicize your campaign. However, there are some subtleties to this as someone who is associated with medical crowdfunding India can tell you. There are certain things you can do in order to afford a kidney transplant especially when you are crowdfunding. We are trying to list a few of these.

  1. Make a fundraiser on a crowdfunding platform that has expertise in raising funds for organ transplant. Impact Guru, which made Puja Bhatnagar’s liver transplant possible is a good place to start looking. Here is the link to the story.

  2. Make sure your site can provide you with a campaign manager for the service fees you are paying. They should also be constantly in touch with you. This is important as it helps you and the site work more closely.

  3. It is always a good idea to crowdsource with a team. Medical crowdfunding is difficult to do alone because you can get tied up with work at the hospital. Medical campaigners are always under more pressure than anybody else. Hence, a team can take your campaign that extra mile forward. Your team can also publicize your campaign when you think your social media presence is not large enough.

  4. Social media is not the only campaign spot. You can campaign over email. Send your fundraiser to all the people who you think are likely to campaign. Call people up if you cannot get them online.

  5. If you think one fundraiser will not garner enough attention, you can always make support fundraisers. These fundraisers are going to raise a section of your target amount. You can ask your team to share them. It is a good strategy to get people to take notice and break across social lines on social media.

Crowdfunding for medical treatment is low risk and low investment. Therefore, it is a great way to fund your kidney transplant.