How to choose a kurti that is comfortable and stylish?


Kurtis fall under the category of traditional clothing and are great for almost all kinds of occasions. They can be easily paired with traditional bottoms or jeans which makes them ideal for formal as well as semi-formal occasions.

Determine your body type and select wearing kurtis that would suit you the best. Not only this, designs and patterns also play a huge role in making you appear stylish. Thus, if you are looking for a kurti that would be comfortable on our body type, here are the body types according to which you can select a kurti which is stylish and comfortable to wear throughout the day:

Apple shaped body type

The characteristics of the apple shaped body type happen to be rounded shoulders, strong legs, fullness in the middle portion of the body and a flattish butt. If you are someone with this body type, then you should choose kurtis that are available in darker shades and available in cotton and silk fabrics. It is preferable that you opt for an A-line kurti which would comfortable in wearing. Go for V-shaped necklines and with embroidery around the hem and the shoulder. You can even opt for cuffed and flared sleeves in the kurti.

Banana shaped body

The characteristics of the banana-shaped body include straight shoulder lines along with a defined waist and average middle portion. For such a body type, kurtis that have broad and deep neck would enhance the overall look. Choose belts to define the waist area and slimmer bottoms. You can also try for the kurtis that have panel detailing, pleats or front placket. Kurtis made in heavy fabric should be chosen for this particular purpose.

Pear shaped body

People with pear shaped body have full hips and thighs along with a defined waist and shoulders which are narrow and a small upper body. Choose darker lowers along with lighter kurtis that will attention to the middle area of the body. Go for something in flare and textured prints that would draw attention to the torso area. When it comes to the necklines, choose collar patterns along with boat or square neck style. Sleeves such as rouched and bishop look great on such body types and would add length to the body.

Hourglass shaped body

An hourglass body type calls for a well defined waist and bust along with average lower body portion. People with such a body type can pair the kurtis with straight cut bottom pants to add to the length or the pallazos. Always make sure that the kurtis that you choose for this body type are well-fitted and have flare to give volume to the body.

Inverted Triangle Shaped body

This particular body type has a smaller bottom along and the waist area is not defined. Moreover, the shoulders happen to be straight and squared.  If you have this body type, then it is better that you go for something that would define your waist area. Go for low necklines as they would take away the attention from your broad shoulders. Also, choose kurtis that are long and pair them with layered lowers such as skirts or Patiala. Kurtis that have strong shoulder detailing or high necklines should be avoided.

You can purchase different varieties of kurtis through online shopping and that too in a variety of brands but choosing the one which is comfortable and stylish greatly depends upon on the body type of a person.