Importance of career counselling


Career Advise can make or break you career. For students coming straight out of educational institutions, a transition from text book and exams to direct organizational placements and job opportunities is confusing. This is where career counselling comes into play.

Career counsellors have a full map of the industry; they know the requirements of companies and tell you where you fit the best. They can also help you gain internships as they have the most important thing with them- Contacts. They know all the important people, recruiters, contacts and other recruiting agencies. They can get you to premium graduate placement interviews in no time.

Also, they can get you away from the disguised calling jobs.

Planning your Future

If you’re a high school student then your whole future is lying in front of you. It is you with your parents who need to make the right decision about your career from now on. Another great way to plan your future the right way is by adapting productivity techniques to help you grow constantly. You can use a pomodoro timer to help you attain the steady pace and effeciency that you want

It is necessary to get a bright future you have to start planning from now on. And for right planning, you need the right advice.

Bring Clear Sight to Your Objective

We all have some aim, ambition regarding our career paths, you might also have a dream job. Stating that to your career counsellor might help you achieve more quickly and clearly by avoiding other mistakes you could have made.

Also, as students, our aim could be wrong, i.e. the bulls eye might be shifted from something that we actually desire, a career advice is objective and tactical and can bring a very clear picture of the objective.

Choosing Right One from Myriads of Career Options

For a person involved in televison, books and advertisements, the actual job world is far from reality. One may think of just being a doctor or an engineer or an architect, where as, in reality, there are pharmacists, chemists, back-end front end designers, animators, and 3d-modellers. A huge number of career options have very different career paths. A student is not necessarily aware of all these. A counsellor will help you gain your job.

Beat the Competition More Easily

Even in a single institute, there are 60 students with the same dream, giving the same exam, for the same job. Imagine the competition when this is across country, and imagine the immigrants. 

Is it easy to beat them the straight way?

No, it’s not. You have to chose a shorter path and career counselling is one way to go for it.

The main aim of career counselling is to find a job apt to your skills, help you to gain it with an advantage of being fully prepared to get it in the best possible market standard Salary. These career counsellors charge you a fee for it or may ask you for a 10-15% commission from your first salary, after all, they deserve it. 

When you perform a job that you like, you have a job and a life satisfaction which is so important for all of us.