Information & Tips for Your Acura MDX


Information & Tips for Your Acura MDX

From the stage of conversion to the Honda Pilot till date, the Acura MDX has fully performed the duties of the brands most important SUV. Over two decades, it has evolved into a majestic three-row, world-class utility motor vehicle with state of the art safety characteristics, superb handling features, and comfort. With wide window openings, supporting seats, incredible noise cancellation and a powerful and smooth engine with impressive fuel economy, the Acura MDX brings one of the best affordable luxury SUV options.

If you already own one of these or are planning to, it is helpful to look into what maintenance would look like. These tips would help you have your vehicle running like new to maximize your experience and give you the best out of your Acura.

Genuine timing belt

Your timing belt should be inspected and changed upon recommendation. A genuine Acura timing belt is usually the best fit since it was made for your MDX and offers no slippage, cracks resistance and maximum durability. You will drive with confidence when you have a perfectly working timing belt.

Gasoline selection

Top Tier Detergent Gasoline has been recommended by Acura and has been proven to maintain a clean engine through rigorous use. This type of fuel does not contain the metallic additive MMT and can be available at gas stations with signage or other advertisements for it.

Safety measures for refueling

  • Avoid using lighters or smoking
  • Switch of the ignition
  • To avoid any static electricity buildup and discharge, stay at the fueling point from start to finish even if the nozzle can hold up the latch
  • Properly secure the cap after refueling to avoid the malfunction indicator light after refueling
  • Do not fill a gasoline powered device or container inside or close to your Acura MDX

Brakes and brake pads

  • The brake pads have an audible wear indicator that causes them to screech when the brake pads need replacement. If they are not replaced, the brake pads will start to screech all the time.
  • Low brake fluid can be an indication of leaking brake fluids or worn out brakes.
  • The brake fluid can absorb moisture and when it does it can lead to corrosion of metal and seals in the braking system. The solution is to flush the old fluid out with a new one before damage is excessive.
  • Acura brake pads have been extensively tested and are trusted do the job and prevent premature wearing of the disc and excessive noise.

Air filters

Better filters for engine

The engine air filter acts to remove dust and other contaminants from the air so that fuel consumption and engine performance are not tampered with. This also means that the lifespan of the engine is elongated.

Cabin air filters

The daily air pollutants we find everywhere can be kept out of your Acura MDX with the use of quality cabin air filters. They should be properly inspected and replaced when necessary.