Mild properties of Anavar make it a favorite among users


Anavar orOxandrolone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid which causes you least health problems. This steroid is mild in nature and if you are a beginner, a woman or a person who is highly prone to side effects, this steroid is just perfect for you. This medication isn’t very androgenic and highly androgenic steroids are known for causing numerous side effects to users. With this steroid, you will hardly face androgenic side effects. Because of its trivial nature, this steroid is utilized during recovery regimens of children who are suffering from burn injuries to accelerate their tissue repair.

Canadian laws regarding steroids

This medicine is not carried by Canadian pharmacies as Canadian laws vary a little regarding anabolic steroids from the laws prevalent in the US, the UK, Australia and different other nations across the globe. Every nation views this steroid as an artificial androgenic steroid and having prescription strength. The medical community disregard the usage of anabolic steroids for non-medical usages like the improvement of body physique, physical performance enhancement and muscle building. So it is vital to know the Canadian laws regarding sale, manufacturing and purchasing of this medicine. However, it isn’t tough to get information regarding Canadian drug laws and you need to do a bit of digging.

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Moreover, information regarding Canadian regulations and steroids are found on various bodybuilding websites too but sometimes they turn out to be inaccurate or out-dated. Numerous government websites are there that prove advantageous for people who wish to get information regarding Canadian laws, not only pertaining to Anavar but other anabolic steroids too. Like other nations, Canada too is dealing with the arrival of unlawful drugs into this country. These drugs include performance enhancing compounds too like IGF-1, Prescription-strength weight shedding drugs, anabolic androgenic steroids, Clenbuterol or other bronchodilators and human growth hormones.

Dosages for women

Commonly, 10mg-20mg is identified as a good dosage for females. However, 20mg daily is considered a fine dose that a woman can safely use. As this steroid has mild properties so a possibility of virilization can be seen when women surpass this dosing level. Most of the women are suggested to start with 10mg each day and this dose is they will ever require. If women need more than this dosage to attain the desired outcomes then they must make sure they can handle lesser dosages prior to increasing the levels. Even if they increase their dosing levels they must do that with excessive caution.

Adequate dosages

Canadian regulations are strict regarding anabolic steroids which are why this medication is not carried by Canadian pharmacies. Anabolic steroids, when taken without a prescription unlawfully, are often abused or misused. Most commonly it has been seen that bodybuilders and athletes take more than the suggested dosages. This medication is obtainable in 2.5mg or 10mg tablets. However, the tablets are also available depending on the nation and the manufacturers. You will find this medication in the strength of 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg. In medical scenarios, 20mg daily is a common dosage and 5mg-10mg daily is effective for treating illnesses. Bodybuilders take 25mg each day or higher for lengthier periods of time.