Monitor stand buying guide


To make a space more efficient and ergonomic, there are many products on the market. However, when it comes to computer and monitors, monitor stand is one of the best ergonomic products. It can be placed on your table to attach a monitor. The stand will reduce the area occupied by a monitor and make your table look more systematic and arranged.

Area of application

Monitor stands can be used both in homes or offices. You would have even spotted them in trade shows, office lobbies, sports arena and airports. They can also be used in educational sectors for visual presentations.

How to buy a monitor stand?

  1. Adjustability– Make sure that the monitor stand you are looking for has a convenient adjustability. Most of the stands enable tilting and panning, portrait and landscape movement.
  2. Size, model and weight of your system– Make sure that the monitor stand you are going to buy is compatible with all the models and weights of your monitor.
  3. Cable management– If a monitor stand has a cable management system, it ensures that it has a clean and mess-free look.
  4. Hole pattern– There is a hole pattern at the back of your monitor. Make sure that the hole pattern on the monitor stand you purchase matches with it.

Where can you buy the best Monitor stand?

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