Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Houston


You choose to ride a motorcycle to feel closer to the road and to enjoy the weather. You want to enjoy the wind and feel closer to nature than a car can provide. Sometimes being on a motorcycle means other drivers don’t see you as well, or they ignore some of the rules of the road and can cause crashes involving a motorcycle. We are here to help you as a vigilant and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston.

A good motorcycle accident lawyer understands the law and understands the vulnerabilities of riding a motorcycle on roads where most other vehicles are larger and heavier. We can help people involved in motorcycle accidents recover damages if they are injured and the fault is with others.

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We can provide you with a free legal consultation so you can determine if you have a case to pursue in the court system.

Riding a motorcycle should be a chance to feel the wind and get in touch with nature, but each year more than 2,000 motorcyclists are killed on America’s roads and highways, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. More than 40,000 other motorcyclists were injured in these crashes. These accidents can be caused by road defects, other motorists not aware they were sharing the road with motorcycles and their riders, or debris can be on the highway.

In nearly two-thirds of accidents between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, the driver of the passenger vehicle was at fault and violated the motorcycle’s right of way. Although the average speed a motorcycle at the time of an accident is 30 miles per hour, even at that speed, the driver of the motorcycle only has about two seconds to react and avoid a collision. The road can be a dangerous place for motorcyclists, so if you need one, let us help you as an experienced motorcycle accident in lawyer in Houston.

When you go to court to after a motorcycle accident you want to be represented by someone who understands not only the law but someone who recognizes both the joys and dangers of riding a motorcycle. We are the motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston who has the experience and skill to represent you or a loved one who has been involved in a motorcycle accident.

Whether the cause of the accident was debris left on the roadway, a defect in the road’s surface, or the fault of another driver, we will represent you diligently in court. We have the experience as litigators, and the experience of motorcycle safety to do all that will be possible to get you the outcome you need in court.