Selecting a Brooklyn Plastic Surgeon


If you are looking for a Brooklyn plastic surgeon, we may be the right fit for you. When you come to our clinic, you can count on being treated professionally, but also with dignity and respect. We will make your time in our clinic as comfortable as possible.

Things to consider when choosing the right plastic surgeon, whether you are seeking cosmetic or reconstructive surgery:

  1. The experience of the professionals you are considering is very important. Don’t only evaluate how much experience they have, but whether it was good and successful experience.
  2. Ensure that someone in the clinic has experience in the procedure you seek. We have professionals who have successful experience in the treatment of breast, body and face reconstruction—for reconstruction and for cosmetic purposes.
  3. Ensure that the clinic you seek is an accredited medical facility. Our Brooklyn plastic surgeon office is fully accredited.
  4. We adhere to a strict code of ethics that keeps us in compliance with HYPPA laws. Your privacy is important to us.
  5. Our professionals are not only board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but they seek professional development to ensure our patients receive the most up-to-date and proven treatments available.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is performing surgery to treat parts of the body that have been affected either aesthetically or functionally by trauma, infection, tumors, developmental abnormalities, or congenital defects. These surgeries are usually intended to improve the functionality and/or the ability of the patient, and they may also be performed to make the appearance of the affected area appear to be more typical.

Often, reconstructive surgery is covered by health insurance, but rates of coverage can vary depending on insurance plans. Please contact our staff who can assist you in learning more about your own insurance and the procedure you seek.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery may include surgical and possibly nonsurgical procedures that affect a patient’s appearance and often their confidence. Generally, candidates for cosmetic surgery are otherwise healthy and should be seeking procedures to help achieve their own and not someone else’s ideals.


It is important to understand that our surgeons are board-certified and patient safety is our foremost concern. If you are interested in plastic surgery, please call or come by our office and learn more about the procedure you are considering. An educated patient is a healthy patient and that makes our jobs easier and the procedure you seek more successful.

Our surgeons are trained and experienced in the performance of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Doctors in our practice are skilled and ready to help add to your confidence by performing the cosmetic procedure you need or desire.