Smart Robotic Machine Tending


Machine tending can be loosely defined as the process of making the loading and offloading of production tools and raw materials automatic. This is mainly done using robot automation through a process known as robotic machine tending. This is a process that is meant to bring efficiency and other benefits like a reducing the production time in a production process.

Robotic machine tending is used for smooth completion of sensitive tasks such as injection moulding, sorting and assembling of small parts, inspection of machine parts, packaging and gauging and other operations that may seem repetitive or tedious for humans. Machine tending provides lasting solutions to dull jobs that attract little or no human workforce.

Factors to Consider Before Implementing Robotic Machine Tending

Before settling on an application for robotic machine tending, it is important to weigh a number of factors which will help settle on the best choice. There is the need to compare the benefits and disadvantages in order to be able to make an informed decision on the best fit.

Robots are very precise; they are able to observe specific details better than humans. This capability is proportional to the payload capability of the device. For example, if the levels required to be reached by the robot are high, then the level of repeatability will go down and vice versa. This is so because robots are designed to maintain and observe the accuracy of the highest level. The distance between the supply source and destination are of importance in determining accuracy and precision.

Planning is equally important when planning for robotic machine tending. A commonly overlooked step in planning is informing your work-team about your intended plans. Always remember that many humans view any form of automation as a threat to their labour. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, it is important to let every involved member of your team understand your intended goals of improving on efficiency and maintaining good quality standards.

During planning, invite a team of robotic machine tending professionals to examine your floor space and help you strategize on how to integrate the application with the existing production techniques.

Finally, you need to clearly spell out the specific tasks that will be enhanced by the automation process. Do you have enough tedious, repetitive or boring tasks that need automated machine help to speed up the entire work process? Robot machine tending helps accomplish activities that are either too repetitive, boring or too complex for humans. They help to enhance the completion of such tasks because they do not get tired or suffer boredom. They can run 24/7 without taking some time off or compromising on quality and efficiency.  

Choosing the Best Service Provider

While choosing the robotic machine solutions provider to provide machine tending services it is important to consider a number of factors including the company’s support system. For instance, go for service providers who are able to examine key areas of the device that are likely to suffer faults or defects due to certain factors like stress and tear. The concerned engineers will be able to advise you accordingly or be able to work a way out in order to avoid future risks and other damages. This saves you time and money in the long run.

The best robot machine tending consultants are also able to design customized applications that will match your company’s needs, and that is why it is important to invite them in at the planning stage of this automation process.

Robotic Machine Tending Is the Way to Go For Repetitive Tasks

There are many industrial and production operations that are either too grave, boring, tedious or simply annoying for the human workforce. Relying on human labour alone slows down the production process and this negatively affects the returns realized by an organization. The solution is to embrace change, a change for the better. A change that will see an improvement in the production process in regards to; the total time that is taken, the quality, efficiency and consistency. This future is in automating the manual tasks to use the robotic machine tending.

Robotic tending machines are able to deliver better, for longer and at a stable rate without getting bored.  Lower the total operation cost and realize more returns on investments by using robotic machine tending for loading, offloading, sorting, welding, packaging, labelling and basically any other repetitive task that is important for your production process.