What is a Urologist?


A urologist in New York will examine and deal with diseases of the urinary tract systems of males and females, as well as the male reproductive organs. The organs that urologists deal with are:

– Kidneys (filters waste out of blood)

– Adrenal Glands (releases hormones)

– Ureters (tubes while allow urine to flow from kidneys to bladder)

– Urinary Bladder (stores urine)

– Urethra (tube allows urine to be excreted from the bladder)


The male reproductive organs urologists deal with include:

– Testes (makes the hormone known as testosterone and produces sperm)

– Van deferens (transports sperm from epididymis to ejaculatory ducts)

– Seminal vesicles (secrets fluid which in part makes up semen)

– Prostate (adds fluid to sperm, producing semen)

– Penis (releases urine and carries sperm)

Urologists may perform surgery in certain cases.  They work in hospitals, private practices and specialized urology centers and can perform a vast range of procedures. They can carry imaging tests, order X-ray images, perform a cystoscopy, do biopsies, and perform kidney transplants if they are specialized in surgery.


When should you see a urologist?

For mild urology issues, such as a urinary tract infection or UTI, a general physician may be able to diagnose and treat you. Any conditions that are outside of a general doctor’s expertise means that they will have to refer you to a urologist. This allows you to get the treatment you need. Generally, you will have to get a referral from your general doctor first before going to a specialized doctor. Some conditions may mean you need several specialized doctors. For instance, a man diagnosed with prostate cancer may have to deal with both an oncologist who has expertise in cancer, in addition to a urologist.

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Some common urinary tract issues that may mean a visit to the urologist include:

– Blood in your urine

– Frequent need to urinate

– Pain in lower back or sides

– Pain or other discomfort during urination

– Trouble urinating

– Very weak urine flow


For men, urologists deal with issues such as:

–  Decreased libido

– Lumps in testicles

– Issues surrounding erections

– Fertility issues

At our New York urology center, you will receive the best and minimally invasive care you need, by professionals who care and are sensitive to your issues. In searching for a fitting New York urologist, you’ll want a doctor who has a vast amount of training and in-depth specialization that are particular with your case or diagnosis. Look for a New York urologist who not only has the right kind of experience, but one who can be sensitive to the concerns of their patients. At our New York urology center, we provide you with urologists who have a wealth of experience and who truly care for their patients’ wellbeing.