5 Things to Know About Roll Away Beds


No matter what kind of bed you have, getting a good night’s sleep should be a priority for everyone. Those looking to save space, and don’t want to deal with the hassle associated with traditional mattresses and frames, should consider roll away beds. Roll away beds are a great alternative to other kinds of space-saving beds, including futons and sofa beds. Let’s look at five of the benefits of having a roll away bed:

  1. Maximum Portability

Roll away beds live up to their name by having wheels, which allows them to be moved easily around your home. Futons need to be carried around, while sofa beds fold-up into the sofa, meaning it will probably take two people to move it.

  1. Take Up Less Space

When you’re done with a sofa bed, you fold it up, but it still remains in the room, taking up space. Roll away beds are ready

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to be moved into a corner or another room, so when they’re not in use, you can use as much of your room space as possible.

  1. The Most Comfort

While sofa beds and futons can both be comfortable, roll away beds are the best option if are looking for maximum comfort in a portable mattress. Roll away beds can come in a variety of mattress sizes, and with a durable frame on wheels, the most comfortable options is also very easily moveable. Having your bed on a frame means that unlike a futon, you won’t be sleeping on the floor when you use it.

  1. Extra Support

Roll away bed mattresses lie on hardwood slats, giving the mattress a good amount of support. This means the mattress support of your body is even throughout the mattress as you lie on it.

  1. Affordability

You can acquire a roll away bed for between $199 to $499, meaning they have a variety of benefits for a low cost.

These benefits of roll away beds make them great for your guests, who will appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep when they visit. Avoid having people sleep on your floor, and be able to move your roll away bed to any part of your house as needed. While futons and sofa beds may have certain advantages, roll away beds combine the best of a variety of benefits, while minimizing cost to you. With such a wide range of available options when choosing a roll away bed, you’re sure to find the perfect fit when it comes to your need for a comfortable, moveable mattress.


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