Healthy Teeth: Foods That Supports Teeth


When we were kids what our parent’s everyday force to do is brush your teeth. From our childhood we are habitual to have the basic things that make our teeth healthy like limited chocolates, not having too many ice-creams and brushing teeth two times a day. But when we grow up nobody forced us to make us realize that what is good and what is bad for us, it’s all our duty to make everything on that side which makes our body healthy then whether it is our heart or our teeth.

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Being a parent, we always think that they must always be healthy and what our parents gifted us with the known facts to keep teeth healthy we apply that all on our kids. Habits are something that is being learned but some of the things just by adding in our diet can help you in keeping teeth healthy.

Foods are the major factor that is directly related to our health, here are some of the foods that make our smile beautiful by maintaining the healthy teeth. When it comes to your teeth you really are what you eat.

Keep your mouth healthy with these foods:

  • Yogurt– To strengthen your teeth yogurt in the daily diet can be the better choice. It contains protein and calcium. The beneficial bacteria present in yogurt helps in crowding the bacteria that causes cavities.
  • Leafy Veggies– Green leafy vegetables promote the oral health as they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Calcium present in them helps in making the enamel strong. If you are unable to get the leafy green daily then you can add baby spinach in the salad.
  • Apples– Here you say they are sweet so how can they promote healthy teeth, but they also contain fibers and water as well. Fiber texture of the fruit helps in promoting the health of gums.
  • Carrot– Carrots are crunchy and are fibrous too, and are the good source of vitamin A that helps in maintaining the good health of teeth.
  • Cheese– Many of us love having cheese but here is another reason added to add this tasty food in the diet. Having cheese helps in raising the PH of the mouth that lowers the risk of mouth decay. It is also rich in protein and calcium.
  • Almond– Being lower in sugar they are the good choice for your teeth health. Rich in protein and calcium they promote the oral health.

These are some of the foods that just by adding them in the diet help to promote the oral health and helps in making your smile beautiful.