Latest Wood Flooring Trends in 2018


Hardwood flooring is timeless and classic. It gives a new character and a new look to your house. Nowadays, wood flooring is not just limited to oak flooring but the statement has been changed enough. There are several floor ideas that have seriously hit the market by 2018.

  1. Grey wood floor

Grey flooring had been extremely popular in the last few years. In 2018 as well, it is one of the most followed ones. The colour does not only look good but impart a great standard. It is modern, clean and eye-catching.

  1. Distressed wood floor

For the modern homes, that call for an antique look, Distressed woods is making a perfect choice. During their production, they are distressed and prepared in that way intentionally. The distressed markscomplement everything and look more natural.

  1. Parquet wood floor

No matter this trend is a century old, still, this has been one of the most followed wood flooring trends in 2018. They can be fitted in different ways possible and can impart an elegant look to space. If anybody wants more variations, then they apply more strains as possible.

  1. Reclaimed wood floor

If you have not considered reclaimed wood flooring in 2018, then you have not seriously considered any latest trend. This is one of economically suitable and sustainable trend to reuse the recycled woods rescued from old buildings. Such type of flooring gives an antique look and impart old imprints.

  1. Hand scrapedthe wood floor

To gain more natural and authentic look, hand scrapped floorings are winning over the market. They give a rustic and textured look. Also, the natural elegance and beauty manifolds when anybody chooses hand scraped woods for flooring.

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