Signs that your AC unit needs repair  


If your AC unit is still working you might think that you do not need repair but there are some signs that you should look out for. Even though it might cost you some money you will end up spending more in the long run. This could be in terms of more expensive repairs or it could be the fact that the unit is operating in efficiently and hence your utility bill is much higher. When it comes to your AC you need to be proactive and watch out for the following signs.

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Drastically reduced air flow
If there is little or weak airflow through the vents it is a sure sign that the compressor is failing. One way of checking how effective the air conditioner is by turning on the unit and placing your hand close to the vents. If you feel that the air flow is not as strong as it used to be or it feels weak then take that as a sign and call up the experts in air conditioning repair San Antonio.

The airflow is no longer cold
At some point after years of service you might find that the air conditioning is just not doing its work. It can be quite frustrating in the summer when you need cooling but the unit does not offer that. Just to be sure you can check the temperature of the air as you test the airflow. Turn the thermostat as low as possible. If you find that the unit is having trouble keeping up with the demand of lower temperature then it needs repair or it will not cool you down during the hot summer. The AC could just be blowing air at room temperature and this could be inconvenient during summer.

Abnormal odors and sounds
When you turn on the AC you might notice some weird sound and smells coming from the AC. This is a sign that something could be seriously wrong with the unit and that it needs to be checked by an expert as soon as possible. Odors could mean that there is mold growing in the ventilation while sounds could mean that a part is loose.

Higher utility bills
This will be one of the first signs that most home owners will realize since they are so focused on saving some extra money. If you notice that the utility bill is higher when you are using the AC than it used to be when the unit was new it shows that over time the unit has become inefficient. You can expect some fluctuations in the bill depending on the temperature outside and how long the unit runs. However if you find unexplainable spikes it is time to involve the experts.

You do not have to wait until the AC unit is broken to get it fixed. Be proactive and you might save some money in the end.