The Best Organic Supplementation You can Have for Workout


As in the field of training, there reigns a kind of mythology, we lend insane powers to supplements, favoring the incredible name of it to the detriment of its composition which is the only viable criterion for choosing its supplements and not be pushed into consumption by unscrupulous sellers.

It is with this state of mind that we have selected the supplements on the SuperPhysique store, giving priority above all to composition.

In this article, we will give you specific examples on how to take the most commonly used supplements in the bodybuilding world so that you know how to use them and not throw your money down the drain.

Do not forget that the supplements are not magic but complement training and an irreproachable dietetics by helping you to improve better. They are not dangerous, nor is the food we eat every day. With the アイハーブプロモコード you can have the best choices.

How to take protein powder?

Whey protein is practically the best as a powdered protein. It is an easily digestible protein and is cheaper than eating meat or fish. There are thus around 15 euros for a kg of meat containing 200g of protein while a kg of protein costs around 20 euros (in large packages), which is practically 5 times cheaper!

There are different forms of whey protein that we explain in our article: Proteins, amino acids, Bcca: make the powder speak.

Whey protein is best used:

  • With water in order to digest it well and not add unnecessary calories
  • Between meals to make snacks if your meals are more than 5 hours apart
  • After your workout if you don’t eat a real meal within an hour of it ending
  • It is not mandatory as you can read to take it at breakfast or even before it. A good breakfast will do the trick when you wake up.
  • Casein is the second most common second protein in the world of bodybuilding. It is a “slow” protein to use preferentially before sleeping or if you really cannot eat for a very long time (more than 6 hours). 
  • Whether it is for one or the other of these proteins, it is necessary to count 0.4 to 0.5 g per kg of body weight with each catch or if you weigh 80 kg between 32 and 40 g of protein powder . On average, we take protein powder between 2 and 3 times a day depending on the spacing of our meals.

How to take Ultra Omega?

Ultra Omegaare the most important amino acids for muscle. They increase anabolism (muscle gain), fight against muscle loss on a diet (anti-catabolism), limit brain fatigue during training, accelerate our recovery.

As a priority, Ultra Omegais used during training up to 1 g per ten kg of body weight, ie 8 g if you weigh 80 kg to dilute in your water bottle. Choose powder forms that are much cheaper than the capsule versions, which are not more practical. There are about 42 euros for a 700 g jar that will make you 3 months. Now that you have the iHerb canada free shipping you can make the full us of the same.

It is possible if you are on a diet to take Ultra Omega also with each meal up to 0.5 g per ten kg of body weight or 4g in order to fight against muscle loss as much as possible.