Why Google ads are best for your online store


An online store could make you a fortune. But you must be smart with the marketing strategies to attract more traffic that would result in sales. It is easy to turn the traffic into sales if they visit your store with a buyer’s mindset. The harder part is to attract traffic to your store.

How to deal with this issue

There are few ways that could help you attract traffic to your store.

  • Do the SEO and place yourself higher in rankings. It would be best if you could get yourself on the first page of Google.
  • Second thing is social media marketing or SMM. You can post ads on different social media platforms. You can use services like Google Adwords. The price of Advertising with google adwords[โฆษณา google ราคา, which is the term in Thai] can be set by you. This method will get you exposure on Google search and display network.
  • Another way to promote your store is by creating a blog. You could post content based on people’s queries and provide solutions to them in your blog. It would make the people trust you and buy from you.

What is the best method of the three?

All methods have their own benefits and flaws. But the most beneficial of them all is SMM. They help you reach more people. Google display network has thousands of websites and your ads will be displayed there. You can reach to a lot of people and will attract a lot of traffic.

Why it is the best method

It is best because it not just only gets you more traffic but the traffic you get from this method is already interested in your product. They might not buy from you right now but there is a possibility that they may buy in future. Otherwise they would not be here bothering themselves.