Why PVC made plugs and sockets should be avoided?


As per the global reports from various fire departments it is an established fact that most of the electrical fires are originated from faulty power plugs and power sockets. Like for example if you use low quality PVC made plugs and sockets in your home it may catch fire in case of a voltage fluctuations or sudden voltage surges. Thus it becomes very necessary to choose the very best quality of plugs and sockets when designing your house. But before you go on to choose what the market has to offer, first you need to know what makes good quality plugs and sockets.

What are the good qualities of a plug and socket?

As per the global standards power plugs and sockets should not be made from low-quality PVC but rather be made from avc and other high-quality plastic which does not catch fire. Then the plugs and sockets should be compatible with voltage fluctuations and surge as well. The sockets and plugs should also withstand high heating that may arise from electricity. The plugs should also have earthing points so that in cases of higher voltage changes and lightning your electric appliances do not get harmed; rather they remain safe and function properly. So in case you are going to look for Power plug with 3 socket ( เต้ารับ 3 า , which is the term in Thai) in Thailand you can certainly rely upon data power suppliers.

Buy plugs and sockets from the best Company in Thailand

Data trust power company is one of the leading electric parts suppliers in Thailand. They have recently launched their new range of Power plug with 3 slots (ปลั๊กไฟ 6 ช่อง , which is the term in Thai). Their new plugs and sockets are of great quality checking all the aforementioned qualities. They not only prevent electrical fires but they also help protect your appliances in cases of voltage fluctuations and other voltage related issues. These new sockets and plugs can withstand voltages as high as 220 voltages. So if you are in Thailand and want to buy great quality electric plugs and sockets then do visit the official website of data trust power company and choose the right one for your home from their wide range online.